Safyr Film

True Blue Pharma Pack Protection With Safyr Thermoformable Film


Honeywell’s new Safyr [“Sapphire”] thermoformable packaging film, manufactured from CTFE-based polymer, is designed to meet the regulatory needs specific to the domestic India pharma market. Superior moisture barrier in a thermoformable packaging format means less waste and lower costs versus foil alternatives, making Safyr the best choice for a new pharmaceutical packaging solution for India. 

Advantages of Safyr film: 

Safyr pharma film is bio-chemically inert, plasticiser and stabiliser-free and processes within the same range as other thermoformable films.

Offered in a transparent blue colour only.


Lower overall packaging cost

We know that your local pharma market is more cost sensitive than other regions. Optimising pharma packaging to lower your overall costs is a critical step in bringing drugs to market in India. With few thermoformable options, most drugs are offered in traditional strip pack or Alu/Alu packages. Safyr pharma film can help you reduce pack size and use fewer raw materials to reduce total costs.


Improved design flexibility

Safyr film will likely pass stability for most of the commonly prescribed drugs in India, allowing you to launch in a flexible, thermoformable packaging platform. The transparent film allows for immediate identification of empty cavities, supporting your manufacturing QC. Safyr film allows you to design a smaller pack that’s more portable but robust, helping to increase compliance with drug regimes.


Experience better performance

Other thermoformable materials are brittle, require special storage conditions and have shelf-life limitations. These materials can also corrode equipment and tooling during processing, resulting in higher maintenance and tooling costs. Foil-based packaging runs slower, lowering your overall capacity and increases your capital costs. Safyr film will not yellow over time, provides longer storage life, requires no pre-conditioning and will not corrode tooling and equipment.

Safyr does NOT comply with FDA 21 CFR 177.1380, USP Class VI Plastics, and EU Directive 2002/72/EC.
Safyr is NOT manufactured under a Drug Master File.